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The Minali firm was born in 1956 from the four Minali’s brothers as mechanic laboratory.
After studies and prototypes, they developed the first automatic polisher to polish marble and granit, which facilitated marble and granite laboratories to polish slabs, procedure that was made manually. In the 70’s it became a factory which produced also milling machinery for marble block cutters, end cutting machinery and other machinery for stones processing. The factory was grown and it began to create machinery for metal processing too: shears, press breakes, eccentric presses and calenders. This job was handed down to their successors. Today is still on the market with polishing machine for single head slabs as strong point of the factory. Recently the company has introduced a versatile monoblock polishing machine to polish natural and artificial stones. The products quality and the resistance are demonstrated by many functioning machinery, nowadays on the market, even though they were used for years.

The aim is always support artisans and stone sector.